Give your school staff, parents and students the tools to help build and strengthen your school community.

OnVolunteers is the leading volunteer management software
for Schools and Colleges, with unique systems specifically for Parent Volunteer and Student Community Service programs.

Bring efficiency, accuracy and organization to your volunteer programs. Make everyone happy and save thousands of hours every year for school staff, parent volunteers and students alike.

School Parent Volunteer System
for Catholic, Charter and Independent Schools

Developed specifically for the unique requirements of Catholic, Charter and Independent schools, the Parent Volunteer system provides un-rivaled online tools to automate every stage of the parent volunteer program.

The OnVolunteers Parent Volunteer System contains comprehensive specialized tools for volunteer recruitment, hours / $ tracking and reporting, family information and school events and volunteer jobs management.

Student Community Service System
for High Schools and Colleges

The OnVolunteers Student Service system automates the entire student volunteer process and reduces administration work by up to 80%. Eliminate paper forms as well as uncertainty about whether students completed their community service.

You’ll be able to place the accountability of community service back onto students. And students will have a complete record of their service, which they can submit with college and university applications to help showcase their personal profiles.

What Our Customers Say

With OnVolunteers we've increased the efficiency of our Parent Participation program to a really high level. Our entire program is automated... from signing up parents to automatically notifying families with low hours to tracking parents with Criminal Background Checks, and of course reporting...

... There's no better system for Catholic or Independent schools. I absolutely recommend OnVolunteers

Michael YaptinchayPrincipal
St. Augustine's School
Vancouver, Canada

With the OnVolunteers system, we have the tools to be responsive and to better serve our volunteer needs. I appreciate that our Parent Association is able to efficiently run, manage, and analyze all our volunteer options using this system. I happily recommend OnVolunteers to schools with an outdated or in-efficient volunteer process

Daryl WeaverPrincipal
Vancouver College Catholic School
Vancouver, Canada

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